The Late Misters

About and Contact


a Creative

& CONTENT Development Studio


We work with directors, producers and creatives, helping shape and articulate ideas before they get made.

Whether it’s a feature film, TV series, commercial, or something entirely different, we offer a wide range of services dedicated to bringing your vision to life.


What We DO

Creative / Ideation
Treatment Writing / Director’s Interpretation
Visual Research
Mood Films
Concept Art
Treatment Design


Who We Are

Ross Olivey
Co-Founder & Creative Consultant
+44 (0) 7912 858 852

Ed Roberts-Graver
Co-Founder & Creative Consultant
+44 (0) 7753 173 230

Nick Lewis
Creative Assistant
+44 (0) 7384 597 187

Lily Goodchild
Creative Assistant
+44 (0) 7470 874 876



Our rate card and access to our portfolio are available on request. And if you’d like to talk about what we could bring to your project, please get in touch.